Testimonial: “Speaking The Word Freely” by John E.K. Nicolle


Testimonial: “Speaking The Word Freely”

By The Rev. John E. K. Nicolle

The Parish of Port Rexton

Central Newfoundland



“Speaking The Word Freely”

Presented by Jerry Larson at Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center, Carefree, Arizona.


This three day course is Pastor Larson’s presentation on his method of taking a sermon text and making it a spoken sermon. He has developed this method over many years.

Jerry has fine tuned it in teaching this course at the Lutheran college and the retreat center. His method is to do the regular preparation in composing your sermon, then by running over it verbally and getting the main point. You would also firm up the examples and stories that will be used.

As part of the course the students use a sermon that you will preach in the future. You do this twice, with Jerry and the whole class.

This course would be a good program for both new preachers and those who want to refresh themselves.

I would recommend this course for any preacher.


Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center, Carefree, Arizona

This retreat center is a place north of Phoenix in the small town of Carefree. The center is a place to go away to renew oneself. The main building is a former hotel that the Lutheran Church has made into a spiritual oasis in the desert. With the three new buildings they can house 60 single or 120 double people. The dining room is light filled and serves healthy food.

They run retreats throughout the year, both open and private retreats and conferences. One thing right now is if you are at the retreat center on a private retreat then the kitchen is not open. There are several places within walking distance for meals. There may be plans in the future to open the kitchen more.

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