Taizé: The Church of Reconciliation is 50 years old


The Church of Reconciliation, where the Taize community celebrates common prayer together three times a day, was inaugurated 50 years ago, on 6th August, 1962, the Feast of the Transfiguration.

It was built by young Germans, under the auspices of a German organization “Aktion Sühnezeichen” who wanted to create signs of reconciliation in the countries that had suffered during the World War. In France they chose Taizé for this project.

To mark the occasion Brother Roger, founder of the community, wrote: “To those who come, should we offer stones to contemplate? After being here in this Church of Reconciliation, rather than carry the memory of the walls, may they remember the call for reconciliation … The one that seeks and acts for reconciliation wins an openness of heart and mind, and even in his old age becomes young.”


News from Taize by email – 10 August 2012

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