Taizé: An intense summer period

As every year, the international meetings during the summer have brought to Taizé thousands of young people, including many young people aged 15 to 18, and also adults and families for a special program. Volunteers from around the world have been helping – every Thursday night, Brother Alois asked one of them to say a few words in the church after his weekly meditation.

This summer was also marked by two particular events: the week-end of friendship between young Christians and Muslims, at the beginning of July, and the week of reflection for young adults aged 18 to 35 at the end of August.

During this week, about fifteen workshops were offered each day; brothers gave a biblical meditation at the end of the prayer every morning in the church; and the Thursday evening prayer was broadcast live, including the meditation of Brother Alois whose text is also online.


Taizé Community, News from Taizé by email,  September 10, 2018


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