TryTank Experimental Lab Expands Dial-A-Priest

via Espiscopal News Service  Two weeks ago, TryTank Experimental Lab, a partnership between Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) and General Theological Seminary (GTS), launched Dial-A-Priest,making end of life prayer accessible 24 hours a day tocritically ill and dying Covid-19 patients isolated from loved ones. Based on demand, Dial-A-Priest is now expanding service to include pastoral care for families, health professionals, and patients who may be hospitalized for reasons other than Covid-19, in a time … Continue reading “TryTank Experimental Lab Expands Dial-A-Priest”

Thriving in Ministry is forming the 2020-22 cohort of Learning Communities

Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) announces the invitation to strengthen the uniqueness of ministry and to build leadership capacity through Thriving in Ministry, an initiative funded by the Lilly Endowment, Inc.  Thriving in Ministry provides mentored peer learning for Episcopal priests in specific contextual cohorts. Our peer learning communities include: · School chaplains and rectors with … Continue reading “Thriving in Ministry is forming the 2020-22 cohort of Learning Communities”