We are not human without community

By Mark MacDonald September 16, 2019 Many events and ideas that swirl around us in these days are a great challenge to life. Our time contains a compelling call to revisit, as individuals and as peoples, that most basic question: what does it mean to be human? Technological advances are a part of this re-thinking. … Continue reading “We are not human without community”

James Hazelwood: Find spirituality in the everyday

Bishop James Hazelwood created an interactive card game as a companion to his book, “Everyday Spirituality.” These cards are designed to begin conversations about spirituality. Image courtesy of James Hazelwood FacebookTwitterEmailPrint   The ELCA bishop encourages readers to search for God and spirituality in their lived experiences. TUESDAY, AUGUST 20, 2019 Bishop James Hazelwood’s path to ministry … Continue reading “James Hazelwood: Find spirituality in the everyday”

Jean Vanier chose relationships with intellectually disabled ahead of privilege

Jean Vanier, founder of “L’Arche”. Photo: WCC 14 May 2019 The headline for a newspaper letter extolling a man who lived what he espoused, engaging with shunned people often unable to effectively communicate verbally, said, “Jean Vanier was a living saint”. Atop the letter to the Toronto Star, it was probably the neatest summary of … Continue reading “Jean Vanier chose relationships with intellectually disabled ahead of privilege”