Heidi Campbell: The Internet challenges and empowers religious institutions

Bigstock / Pure Solutions FacebookTwitterEmailPrint The digital culture isn’t changing religion as much as it is reflecting offline shifts in Christian life, says a scholar of religion and media at Texas A&M University. Monday, November 18, 2013 People today — especially young people — belong to fluid networks that are not limited by traditional religious … Continue reading “Heidi Campbell: The Internet challenges and empowers religious institutions”

How the diocese of B.C. transformed websites into ministry tools

By Joelle Kidd July 3, 2018 Redeveloping the diocesan site (pictured) and parish sites on the same platform made it easy to have “diocesan messaging and a look and feel that’s consistent across the board,” says Catherine Pate, communications officer for the diocese of British Columbia. Photo: Contributed   Walk into any Anglican church, and … Continue reading “How the diocese of B.C. transformed websites into ministry tools”

Prayer: There’s an app for that

By Joelle Kidd March 26, 2018 With many apps now available, smartphones can become part of daily prayer. Image: Shutterstock   Smartphones dominate daily life, used for everything from ordering takeout to mapping directions to snapping photos to, occasionally, talking on the phone. So why not use them for prayer? A quick search of the … Continue reading “Prayer: There’s an app for that”

Estate planning for your digital assets

February 07, 2018 Author Natalie Banta  Associate Professor of Law, Drake University   Digital documents are not nearly as easy to retrieve. Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com   What will happen to your Facebook account when you die? What about all your photos shared on social media, your texts with loved ones, or documents on cloud-storage systems? In … Continue reading “Estate planning for your digital assets”