Feather Dance textile arts project a ‘witness to reconciliation’

By  MATT GARDNER July 9, 2019 Indigenous artist and Feather Dance project lead Rikki Kooy displays the community banner created for St. Hildegard’s Sanctuary, which calls on us to be mindful of the work of reconciliation. Photo by Sandra Vander Schaaf   The following is part of a series exploring the impact of projects across … Continue reading “Feather Dance textile arts project a ‘witness to reconciliation’”

CLAY hosts second-largest-ever blanket exercise

By Joelle Kidd August 20, 2018 A participant playing the role of “settler” hands out yellow cards marked with an “X.” The yellow cards represent the First Nations children who died while attending a residential school. Photo: Joelle Kidd   Thunder Bay, Ont. Around 800 participants joined in one of the largest-ever instances of a … Continue reading “CLAY hosts second-largest-ever blanket exercise”

Indigenous family finds ancestors in spirit in General Synod archives

By Tali Folkins July 26, 2018 Archdeacon Larry Beardy says his family’s research is part of the process of healing from disruption, displacement and loss of identity. Photo: Tali Folkins For Archdeacon Larry Beardy, priest at St. John the Baptist Anglican Church in Split Lake, Man., genealogy is not a mere hobby. His family feels … Continue reading “Indigenous family finds ancestors in spirit in General Synod archives”

Save us from the time of trial

By Mark MacDonald May 4, 2018 “We are, quite often, tempted to gain the world at the loss of our soul.” Image: Ohn Robin/Shutterstock Not really knowing what to do, writing this piece might be merely therapeutic for me; thinking out loud, perhaps. I am speaking about the recently announced decision that Pope Francis would … Continue reading “Save us from the time of trial”