Reflections on Love, Marriage and Christianity from The Bachelor

MinistryMatters Martha Tatarnic March 11, 2019 It seems to be a prerequisite of being on The Bachelor that you will never be filmed discussing anything interesting. Nobody has an opinion about politics or world events. Nobody talks about the great books they have read, the music they have come to hear as an expression life’s … Continue reading “Reflections on Love, Marriage and Christianity from The Bachelor”

What happens when a church closes?

  By Marites N. Sison  –  February 28, 2018 A 13th-century Dominican church in Maastricht, the Netherlands, is now a bookstore. Photo: Sb2s3/Wikimedia Commons   By now it has sadly become a familiar story that we hear about or read in the news—a church is being closed, deconsecrated and put up for sale somewhere in the … Continue reading “What happens when a church closes?”