Putting down roots through discernment and discipleship

By Archbishop Linda Nicholls This August, as I sat on the shore of an Ontario lake in the summer sun, I felt a sense of eternity in the granite rocks, the tall pine trees and the rhythms of nature. Every summer I delight in the natural world, which grounds me in its rhythms that adapt and change yet remain true to their purpose—for that is our calling, too.  Our world is facing … Continue reading “Putting down roots through discernment and discipleship”

Better off Broken

By M’Kenna Gillespie 18 February 2019  A member of the Community of St Anselm, the new monastic community based at Lambeth Palace, M’Kenna Gillespie, reflects on the nature of brokenness. I failed to notice the steady crawl of the mixer as it approached the edge of the counter.  One quick turnaround and the 17-year-old wedding … Continue reading “Better off Broken”