Inuit cohort graduates from Arthur Turner Training School

Leading clergy from the Diocese of the Arctic attend the graduation of students from the Arthur Turner Training School (ATTS). Front row, L-R: Bishop David Parsons, Esau Tatatopik, Annie Keenainak, Martha Kunuk, Manasee Ulayuk, Bishop Darren McCartney. ATTS Director Joseph Royal is standing at left in the second row from the front. Submitted photo Inuit … Continue reading “Inuit cohort graduates from Arthur Turner Training School”

How Millennials Have Changed the Way We Give

By Peter J. Misiaszek Director of Stewardship Develoment for the Anglican Diocese of Toronto How Millennials Have Changed the Way We Give How do we respond to the change that Millennials are bringing to the church? Assuming that they want to be members of our church, some interesting considerations must be taken into account. We are … Continue reading “How Millennials Have Changed the Way We Give”

Those who flourish in ministry are intentional about their well-being

By  Kate Rugani  Writer FacebookTwitterEmailPrint Challenges are part of any ministry, yet some clergy thrive despite the inevitable setbacks. New research shows that their keys to success can be boiled down to a few simple strategies available to anyone. Tuesday, February 21, 2017 Some clergy seem to rise above the fray. They face the same sorts … Continue reading “Those who flourish in ministry are intentional about their well-being”

MaryAnn McKibben Dana: Improvisation is theological

FacebookTwitterEmailPrint   The principles and practices of improvisational theater can help people cope with difficulty and an uncertain future — all while taking themselves lightly, says the author of “God, Improv, and the Art of Living.” Tuesday, July 10, 2018 We are all improvising, whether we realize it or not, says MaryAnn McKibben Dana. And … Continue reading “MaryAnn McKibben Dana: Improvisation is theological”

The gifts of the small church

ThreeSpeedJones/iStock By Jason Byassee Butler Chair in Homiletics and Biblical Hermeneutics, Vancouver School of Theology FacebookTwitterEmailPrint   Jason Byassee recalls the Sunday morning when he called a time-out during his sermon. In that moment, he discovered grace — and an unexpected lesson in leadership. Monday, March 29, 2010 “The Gifts of the Small Church” (link is … Continue reading “The gifts of the small church”