How2charist offers digital version on typical ‘instructed Eucharist’

Innovative project brought ‘ministerial entrepreneur’ into partnership with Church Center digital evangelism staff By Mary Frances Schjonberg Posted Feb 21, 2019 The parts of the priest’s vestments are explained at the start of the How2charist. Photo: Screen grab/How2charist [Episcopal News Service] If you run a traditional piece of Episcopal Church formation – the instructed Eucharist … Continue reading “How2charist offers digital version on typical ‘instructed Eucharist’”

Living branches

By Fred Hiltz December 4, 2018   A recent visit to the Church of the Redeemer in downtown Toronto brought back the memory of a visit I made there on the First Sunday of Advent some years ago. What I remember so distinctly is that there was no Advent wreath of the kind I was … Continue reading “Living branches”

Crafting liturgy in a time of disaster

By Joelle Kidd July 26, 2018 “In responding to disaster close to home, as people of faith, what we find out is that we need to pray, but we also need to do something,” says Dean of Christ Church Cathedral Ansley Tucker, during a workshop at the National Anglican and Lutheran Worship Conference in Victoria, … Continue reading “Crafting liturgy in a time of disaster”