Indigenous peoples uniquely equipped to combat climate change

World Council of Churches Photo: Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) 04 July 2019 Indigenous peoples are not only on the frontline of climate change impacts, they are also uniquely equipped with expertise to help defend ecology. Two groups – the Ecumenical Indigenous Peoples’ Networks Reference Group and the Working Group on Climate Change of the … Continue reading “Indigenous peoples uniquely equipped to combat climate change”

‘Pressing on’

By Fred Hiltz May 8, 2019 That is an image that comes to mind as I think of our church’s efforts to become post-colonial. It speaks of a journey. As Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, we are endeavouring to walk together in new ways. Sometimes we stumble and fall, but by God’s grace, we get up and … Continue reading “‘Pressing on’”

Why Are We Here? A Meditation on Canada

WHY ARE WE HERE? A Meditation on Canada by Mary Jo Leddy Novalis  Toronto February, 2019 103 pages. Paperback. $12.89 CAD ISBN #978-2=89688-580-0.Publishers Promo: Acclaimed author and human rights advocate Mary Jo Leddy examines the moral challenges facing Canada in this time of social exclusion and environmental ruin. She focuses particularly on three of our … Continue reading “Why Are We Here? A Meditation on Canada”

Doctrine of Discovery: Stolen Land, Strong Hearts

  On Friday, March 8, Anglican Video, in Partnership with the Primate’s Commission on Discovery, Reconciliation and Justice, launched “Stolen Land; Strong Hearts”. This full-length documentary features Indigenous leaders, legal scholars, a senator, historians, allies, and church leaders who help us to understand what the Doctrine of Discovery is, how it has historically impacted Indigenous … Continue reading “Doctrine of Discovery: Stolen Land, Strong Hearts”

Acknowledging the painful errors of our past

By Mark MacDonald January 29, 2019   A few decades ago, I heard a classmate-friend give a comparison and an example that has been clinging to me since. He had been a conscientious objector serving as a medic in Vietnam. Speaking of the intense preparations to be ready for surgeries in the battlefield environment, he described … Continue reading “Acknowledging the painful errors of our past”