The season of eager awaiting

By Joelle Kidd November 29, 2018 A version of this story was first published in 2017. Each year, the weeks leading up to Christmas carry a sense of anticipation. But while in dollar stores and malls this may translate to chocolate-filled cardboard calendars, churches enter into this season with a sense of preparation and expectation … Continue reading “The season of eager awaiting”

L. Gregory Jones: Embrace the wilderness

Bigstock / Emily2k By L. Gregory Jones Senior fellow, Leadership Education at Duke Divinity In this time of disorientation in our culture, we must rediscover the beauty, truth and goodness of God. We can do this through extravagant love, imaginative storytelling, paying attention to awe and relentlessly reminding people of God’s hope for the world, writes … Continue reading “L. Gregory Jones: Embrace the wilderness”

Allen T. Stanton: What can the rural church offer a declining community? Hope

Photo illustration Bigstock / Arrant Pariah / Rubio By Allen T. Stanton Rural church fellow, Institute for Emerging Issues Many rural communities face decline. The church has a unique ability to stand in the hard realities and still preach hope, writes a rural pastor. Tuesday, May 30, 2017 About a year and a half ago, … Continue reading “Allen T. Stanton: What can the rural church offer a declining community? Hope”