Lyndon Harris: Forgiveness The Rev. Lyndon Harris talks about forgiveness and how his time at St. Paul’s Chapel in NYC during the 9/11 attacks changed his outlook on grace and forgiveness. For a bio and study questions, go to The LOGOS Project is a video series presenting global faith leaders offering their expertise on … Continue reading “Forgiveness”

An emoji for forgiveness? It’s on the way…

Photo: Forgivemoji Hundreds of people voted for their #forgivemoji favorite when the campaign was launched and exciting design suggestions very submitted. A coalition of peace-building organizations in Finland has launched a campaign to crowdsource an emoji that symbolizes forgiveness. The idea was created by the Evangelical Lutheran church of Finland, which is also one of … Continue reading “An emoji for forgiveness? It’s on the way…”

Christine D. Pohl: Hospitality, trust and reweaving the fabric of community

Bigstock / Apugach FacebookTwitterEmailPrint   At a time when the social fabric is frayed, the church has an important role to play in reweaving community, drawing on the practices of hospitality and trust, says a theologian and professor emeritus of Christian ethics. Tuesday, December 11, 2018 Today, when the notion of community and even simple … Continue reading “Christine D. Pohl: Hospitality, trust and reweaving the fabric of community”