Activist Alphabet

ACTIVIST ALPHABET by Donna Sinclair Wood Lake Publishing, Kelowna, BC.  2019. 175 pages.  $16.00 CAD (paper) $10.00 CAD (Kindle) ISBN # 78177331543 Publisher’s Promo: “How does it happen that a rather shy and not-terribly-brave individual finds herself getting arrested on Parliament Hill? Why does a woman who prefers to commune with pole beans all summer end … Continue reading “Activist Alphabet”

Acknowledging the painful errors of our past

By Mark MacDonald January 29, 2019   A few decades ago, I heard a classmate-friend give a comparison and an example that has been clinging to me since. He had been a conscientious objector serving as a medic in Vietnam. Speaking of the intense preparations to be ready for surgeries in the battlefield environment, he described … Continue reading “Acknowledging the painful errors of our past”

L. Gregory Jones: Embrace the wilderness

Bigstock / Emily2k By L. Gregory Jones Senior fellow, Leadership Education at Duke Divinity In this time of disorientation in our culture, we must rediscover the beauty, truth and goodness of God. We can do this through extravagant love, imaginative storytelling, paying attention to awe and relentlessly reminding people of God’s hope for the world, writes … Continue reading “L. Gregory Jones: Embrace the wilderness”

Finding God in suffering

By Laurel Parson on July 04, 2017 Endearing Pain: Life Lessons from MS Afflictions By Colleen Peters Wipf & Stock, 2016 130 pages ISBN: 978-1498237895   Why God? Suffering Through Cancer into Faith By Margaret Carlisle Cupit and Edward Henderson Wipf & Stock, 2015 172 pages ISBN: 978-1625644787   Suffering and faith have been the subject … Continue reading “Finding God in suffering”