‘Pressing on’

By Fred Hiltz May 8, 2019 That is an image that comes to mind as I think of our church’s efforts to become post-colonial. It speaks of a journey. As Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, we are endeavouring to walk together in new ways. Sometimes we stumble and fall, but by God’s grace, we get up and … Continue reading “‘Pressing on’”

PWRDF Mapping Exercise – facilitator training event

  Have you heard of the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund’s (PWRDF) “Mapping the Ground We Stand On” workshop? The workshop offers non-Indigenous participants an opportunity to explore their historic and current place on a map of Canada and in relation to the historic and current place of Indigenous participants on that same map. … Continue reading “PWRDF Mapping Exercise – facilitator training event”

Doctrine of Discovery: Stolen Land, Strong Hearts

  On Friday, March 8, Anglican Video, in Partnership with the Primate’s Commission on Discovery, Reconciliation and Justice, launched “Stolen Land; Strong Hearts”. This full-length documentary features Indigenous leaders, legal scholars, a senator, historians, allies, and church leaders who help us to understand what the Doctrine of Discovery is, how it has historically impacted Indigenous … Continue reading “Doctrine of Discovery: Stolen Land, Strong Hearts”

CLAY hosts second-largest-ever blanket exercise

By Joelle Kidd August 20, 2018 A participant playing the role of “settler” hands out yellow cards marked with an “X.” The yellow cards represent the First Nations children who died while attending a residential school. Photo: Joelle Kidd   Thunder Bay, Ont. Around 800 participants joined in one of the largest-ever instances of a … Continue reading “CLAY hosts second-largest-ever blanket exercise”

Anglican Church hires two new suicide prevention workers

By Tali Folkins July 11, 2018 The Anglican Church of Canada has hired two new suicide prevention workers as part of its Indigenous ministry. Jeffery Stanley, a master of divinity student at the Vancouver School of Theology, began work June 25; Yolanda Bird, a former member of Council of General Synod (CoGS) with extensive experience … Continue reading “Anglican Church hires two new suicide prevention workers”