We are not human without community

By Mark MacDonald September 16, 2019 Many events and ideas that swirl around us in these days are a great challenge to life. Our time contains a compelling call to revisit, as individuals and as peoples, that most basic question: what does it mean to be human? Technological advances are a part of this re-thinking. … Continue reading “We are not human without community”

Jean Vanier chose relationships with intellectually disabled ahead of privilege

Jean Vanier, founder of “L’Arche”. Photo: WCC 14 May 2019 The headline for a newspaper letter extolling a man who lived what he espoused, engaging with shunned people often unable to effectively communicate verbally, said, “Jean Vanier was a living saint”. Atop the letter to the Toronto Star, it was probably the neatest summary of … Continue reading “Jean Vanier chose relationships with intellectually disabled ahead of privilege”

Celebrating community in Canada’s North

By Wayne Holst January 16, 2019 Almost 50 years ago, as a Lutheran synod staff person, I worked with representatives of Anglican, Presbyterian and United churches to create a viable model for church-planting across northern Canada. What started as the Leaf Rapids Ecumenical Parish in Manitoba has now been adapted to other isolated mining, mill-town … Continue reading “Celebrating community in Canada’s North”

This is my Church

Photo by: Marc Pether-Longman (own work) [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0] https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/, via Flickr This is my Church By Martha Tatarni “This is my church,” she said to me, waving her hands to indicate the majestic canopy of trees, the forest floor, the glimpse of blue sky beyond, and the streaming sunshine giving our surroundings the look of an enchanted … Continue reading “This is my Church”

Seeing the fungus through the trees

By Jeffrey Metcalfe August 16, 2018 Photo: ChWeiss/Shutterstock I’ve always disliked church structures, an antipathy I credit to that potentially most monstrous of church creatures: the committee. Having grown up in a church community in which every conceivable task gave rise to a committee—from worship, to carpet cleaning, to selecting members to be on church … Continue reading “Seeing the fungus through the trees”