Maria Dixon Hall: Just because you can preach doesn’t mean you’re a communicator

FacebookTwitterEmailPrint For an organization in which the word is central, the church does a poor job of communicating, says an SMU professor and consultant. She has some advice on how church leaders can do it better. MONDAY, AUGUST 26, 2013 Human beings are storytelling creatures, moved and motivated from birth by the power of stories, … Continue reading “Maria Dixon Hall: Just because you can preach doesn’t mean you’re a communicator”

Cutting Clutter

  By  Al Hsu I once received a notification in a social media app that said, “We’re reducing clutter by showing you fewer notifications from some groups.” I chuckled that they had sent me a notification about sending fewer notifications. Decluttering is all the rage these days. We live in a cultural moment when many … Continue reading “Cutting Clutter”

Great Canadian Speeches

GREAT CANADIAN SPEECHES Selected and Edited by Dennis Gruending, Fitzhenry and Whiteside, Markham, ON. $21.00 CAD. Paperback. 312 pages. 2006 ISBN #1-55041-752-5 Publisher’s Promo: A collection of the most powerful and moving oratory that Canada has to offer. Throughout history, men and women of great eloquence have persuaded their contemporaries to build nations, to make … Continue reading “Great Canadian Speeches”