Preaching Good News When Clinically Sad

  By Connor Gwin I talk about death and grief a lot. It is a running joke in my house that I am always thinking about death and I am always willing to talk to someone about grief. This shouldn’t surprise anyone given my life (and death) experiences. The work of a priest requires that … Continue reading “Preaching Good News When Clinically Sad”

Michael Gerson’s sermon sharing his struggle with depression

  PBS News Hour Health By  Molly Finnegan   Feb 19, 2019    Read his sermon   Michael Gerson, Washington Post columnist and regular voice on the PBS NewsHour, revealed this week that he battles depression. On Sunday, before worshippers at Washington’s National Cathedral, Gerson delivered a guest sermon in which he explained why he … Continue reading “Michael Gerson’s sermon sharing his struggle with depression”

How to do mission in the face of depression

By Ruth Radley 16 May 2018 To mark Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, a CMS mission partner in Birmingham, England, Ruth Radley, writes about her experience of serving on the mission field in South Sudan while trying to cope with depression. “It’s important that you know this was unanimous. We all believe this … Continue reading “How to do mission in the face of depression”