Four key strategies that help pastors flourish

By Claire Cusick Composite illustration by Jessamyn Rubio. Unsplash / Photos by Victor Freitas, Sylwia Bartyzel, Anthony Tran and Gift Habeshaw.   Pastors who implement practices like prioritizing their mental health or nourishing friendships flourish in their careers, the Duke Clergy Health Initiative found. Reading the Bible in the early morning quiet. Taking a walk … Continue reading “Four key strategies that help pastors flourish”

Preaching Good News When Clinically Sad

  By Connor Gwin I talk about death and grief a lot. It is a running joke in my house that I am always thinking about death and I am always willing to talk to someone about grief. This shouldn’t surprise anyone given my life (and death) experiences. The work of a priest requires that … Continue reading “Preaching Good News When Clinically Sad”

Those who flourish in ministry are intentional about their well-being

By  Kate Rugani  Writer FacebookTwitterEmailPrint Challenges are part of any ministry, yet some clergy thrive despite the inevitable setbacks. New research shows that their keys to success can be boiled down to a few simple strategies available to anyone. Tuesday, February 21, 2017 Some clergy seem to rise above the fray. They face the same sorts … Continue reading “Those who flourish in ministry are intentional about their well-being”