Leadership and the rest of us

By Mark MacDonald March 11, 2019 Walking Together In the past few years, we have chosen many new bishops. Soon, we will choose a new primate. With these major changes, we have entered a time of critical reflection and discernment. It is a time to reflect upon the character of Christian leadership, but we must … Continue reading “Leadership and the rest of us”

MaryAnn McKibben Dana: Improvisation is theological

FacebookTwitterEmailPrint   The principles and practices of improvisational theater can help people cope with difficulty and an uncertain future — all while taking themselves lightly, says the author of “God, Improv, and the Art of Living.” Tuesday, July 10, 2018 We are all improvising, whether we realize it or not, says MaryAnn McKibben Dana. And … Continue reading “MaryAnn McKibben Dana: Improvisation is theological”

Anglican-Lutheran leaders plan consultation on Christian leadership in 2019

Primatial bishops and staff members take part in a discussion at their recent joint meeting in Winnipeg. Clockwise from left: National Bishop Susan Johnson (ELCIC), Andre Lavergne, assistant to the Bishop, ecumenical and interfaith (ELCIC), Margaret Rose, deputy for ecumenical and interfaith collaboration (TEC), Kathryn Johnson, director of ecumenical and inter-religious relations (ELCA), Scott Sharman, … Continue reading “Anglican-Lutheran leaders plan consultation on Christian leadership in 2019”