Biblical and Theological Foundations for Mission

Speaker(s): Mark Glanville Date: Winter 2018 Length: 7h55m Product ID: RGDL4804S Purchase Options: MP3 Download – $24.99 Description Many contemporary ‘missional church’ discussions have led either to creative practices without deep theological roots or to rigorous theology that lacks freedom to experiment with missional practices. This course will unfold a missional reading of scripture that … Continue reading “Biblical and Theological Foundations for Mission”

A New Book on Joshua

For many people – believers or not – the Old Testament book of Joshua is a difficult book to read. The lectionary pays scant attention to it, and doesn’t engage any of the difficult passages. I grew up in the church, and well remember the (very old!) flannel-graph portrait of Joshua: it was all about … Continue reading “A New Book on Joshua”

The Prophetic Vision and the Real Jesus

THE PROPHETIC VISION AND THE REAL JESUS Growth of the Prophetic Vision and Its Impact on the Mission of Jesus in Matthew‘s Gospel by Adrian M. Leske  Wipf and Stock Publishers Eugene Oregon, Oct. 2017. Paperback edition. 248 pages. $39.00 CAD. $28.40 US Kindle $10.00 CAD. ISBN #978-5326-3415-6. Publishers Promo: Using the method of intertextuality, Adrian … Continue reading “The Prophetic Vision and the Real Jesus”