A vibrant church life in Arctic surroundings

A worldwide fellowship of churches seeking unity, a common witness and Christian service Rev. Emilie Steenholdt, vicar in Nuuk Parish. Photo: Claus Grue/WCC. 05 August 2019 *By Claus Grue In Greenland’s fast-growing capital, Nuuk, finding an empty seat in one of its two churches isn’t always easy. Whether at Sunday worship, concerts or other activities, … Continue reading “A vibrant church life in Arctic surroundings”

Arctic Anglicans face dangers of climate change

By Joelle Kidd January 22, 2018 With Ungava Bay not yet frozen in mid-December, traditional hunting and fishing are impossible. It’s a “life-or-death situation,” says General Synod reconciliation animator Melanie Delva. Photo: Melanie Delva   City dwellers may not know just how many kinds of ice there are. “There are all sorts…just the same way … Continue reading “Arctic Anglicans face dangers of climate change”