Reflections on the Marriage Canon (Canon XXI) (Resources)

  • Reflections on the Marriage Canon (Canon XXI)
    As General Synod 2019 draws near, conversations and reflections surrounding the Amendment to Canon XXI (On Marriage in the Church) have increased. Here are some of the more recent posts and information available online, for those interested:
    – Click here for memorials from ecclesiastical provinces and dioceses across the country, part of the General Synod 2019 Convening Circular
    – Click here for “On Christian Marriage” by Wycliffe College Professor Ephraim Radner
    – Click here for “A position in search of a theological rationale: Symptoms of evangelical Anglican disarray on same-sex marriage” by Trinity College’s Dean of Divinity Christopher Brittain
    – Click here for a statement from Bishop David Parsons (Diocese of the Arctic)
    – Click here for a response to Bishop Parsons’ statement, by the Rev. Canon David Greenwood (Diocese of Nova Scotia and PEI)


Anglican Church of Canada, News from General Synod, June 27, 2019

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