Intermediate Celtic Illuminated Letters

Holy Cross Monastery

Intermediate Celtic Illuminated Letters Intermediate Celtic Illuminated Letters  Led by Sadelle Wiltshire  09/22 – 09/25/2020 (Tu – Fr)  Suggested donation: $385

Mother Mary

Holy Cross Monastery

Mother Mary   Mother Mary  Led by Sr. Shane Phelan, CMA  09/29 – 10/02/2020 (Tu – Fr)  Suggested donation: $365

Garden Days

Holy Cross Monastery

Garden Days   Garden Days  Led by Br. Aidan Owen, OHC  09/29 – 10/02/2020 (Tu – Fr)  Suggested donation: $205

Contemplative Days

Holy Cross Monastery

Contemplative Days   Contemplative Days  10/06 – 10/09/2020 (Tu – Fr)  Suggested donation: $260

Footsteps of Jesus

St. George's College Jerusalem

P20 Footsteps of Jesus: September 30 – October 10, 2020 Program Description                Register   $2,550 Footsteps of Jesus The Footsteps of Jesus course, which lasts for 10 days, invites participants to become pilgrims who follow the journey that Jesus and his first disciples made through the Holy Land. …
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