Doctor of Philosophy in Theological Studies (PhD)

Toronto School of Theology

The PhD program trains candidates to carry out innovative research. Successful candidates qualify to teach theological (and related) subjects in universities, liberal arts colleges and theological schools. Candidates are also equipped for positions of leadership in ecclesiastical and related organizations, or for academically enhanced ministerial practice. Wycliffe’s PhD program is administered by the Toronto School of Theology.  Students …
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The Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MA)

Wycliffe College

The Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MA) is designed as a one-year second degree in theology. It fosters graduate-level competence in theological study, and students may specialize in an original research topic for a thesis. Highlights The new MA is designed to be one year. The MA is a second degree in theology. Students …
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Master of Theology (ThM)

Toronto School of Theology

The Master of Theology (ThM) degree is an individually-focused research degree for candidates to prepare for admission to a doctoral program or advanced ministry. A bachelor’s degree normally in arts and a first master’s degree are a prerequisite for entrance. The ThM lasts for one year of full-time study, or up to six years of part-time study. Who’s …
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Certificate in Theological Studies

Wycliffe College

Who’s it for? If your schedule is already packed, but you still want to deepen your knowledge of your faith, this certificate is our shortest and most cost-effective way. Enjoy the benefits of the MTS program, but with reduced time investment: Only 7 courses Part-time or full-time study Evening, weekend, intensive, and distance courses Online-only …
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Master of Divinity

Montreal Diocesan Theological College

Our M.Div. prepares you for ministry by combining rigorous academic learning, ecumenical theological reflection, and engagement with diverse ministry contexts. The Master of Divinity degree is widely accepted as preparation for ordination in the Anglican Church of Canada and many other churches. At Montreal Dio, our M.Div. students are co-enrolled in McGill University where they …
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Licentiate in Theology (LTH) Diploma

Huron University College

Deepen your knowledge of faith with each course your complete in this pre-degree diploma program. Courses in the LTh program are also available individually to lay people and clergy, outside the LTh stream. By entering into agreements with other theological educational institutions, Huron has ensured that students across Canada, and across denominational traditions, will have a full range of …
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Bachelor’s Major & Minor in Religion & Theology

Huron University College

Huron has launched a brand new program to better serve the needs an interests of our diverse student population. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the difference between religion and theology, here’s a simple comparison: Religious Studies tends to look at different religions from around the world, comparing and contrasting them to deal …
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Master of Divinity degree

Huron University College

Huron’s Faculty of Theology will be happy to welcome you into our midst. Our programs are continually monitored, evaluated, and improved so that we can offer you the very best in theological education and formation, and our faculty are committed to your intellectual and spiritual growth. Students from any denomination are welcome to study with …
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Master of Theological Studies degree – Huron

Huron University College

Master of Theological Studies degree for theological engagement and leadership in a variety of settings and a solid foundation for further study in Theology. – online available – new program mode includes convenient, two-day timetable and distance learning option – over 150 years of excellence in theological education – ability to specialize in one of …
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Master of Arts (Theology) graduate degree

Huron University College

A rigorous academic program in theology, offering excellent preparation for doctoral research, or a superior terminal degree in theology (for those not wishing to pursue full doctoral studies), with an emphasis on the integration of theological vision and of the theological disciplines. The Graduate MA is also a superior degree for those wishing to approach …
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