Wise Women and Spirituality

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

OVERVIEW Howard Thurman reminds us, ”How good it is to center down!” – reflecting on the hunger deep in our spirits for the “still moment and the resting lull,” the space where balance can emerge. But in these unprecedented times, the tasks pile on – the care for home, work, and others – while at …
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Designing Dynamic Liturgies

Stevenson School of Ministry in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

A Ten Week Course for Clergy and Musicians Are you a musician who is working in the Episcopal Church for the first time? Are you a vocational deacon who desires to know more about the Church’s liturgy? Have you been working in the Episcopal Church for some time but want a refresher course? Or are …
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Heart Longings: An Invitation to the Contemplative Path

Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation Inc.

Does your heart long for a deeper connection to God in the midst of these turbulent times? Do you yearn to live from a place of calm and love instead of fear? Do you desire to journey together in a community of like-hearted souls? If so, join us for the eight-month program, Heart Longings: An …
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Regent College Full Course Catalogue

Regent College

Al of their courses should be visible in this online catalogue, from all of their different educational streams. (The URL for this is for the Winter Program; for a general listing, go to https://www.regent-college.edu/course-listing/course-timetables?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Winter%20Course%20Promo%202021%20Bible&utm_content=Winter%20Course%20Promo%202021%20Bible+CID_6d5d05319d538c12678f4343408ac8ed&utm_source=Campaign%20Monitor&utm_term=BROWSE%20ALL%20COURSES)

Going Deeper: Clergy Spiritual Life and Leadership

Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation Inc.

Do you yearn to reconnect with your original call and passion? Are you searching for a more grounded way of embracing and responding to the challenges and blessings of ministry? Would you treasure a supportive and caring colleague group with whom to share your journey? Are you looking for a new way to live and …
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Spiritual Direction Training (two-year course)

Haden Institute (The)

At the Haden Institute we integrate spirituality and Jungian teachings in our Spiritual Direction Training Course. We offer participants information and skill development through brilliant lectures, readings, reflections, small group work, and case studies. While our roots are in the western Christian traditions, we also learn from religious mystics, spiritual practices and beliefs from a …
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CROSSING THE THRESHOLD: Contemplative Foundations for Emerging Leaders

Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation Inc.

Overview A program to nurture the spiritual life and strengthen the contemplative foundation of those who sense their grounding in God and want support/mentoring as they seek to cross the threshold to claim their call to leadership and all of life, living from this contemplative foundation. Crossing the Threshold is for those who are between …
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Dream Work Training

Haden Institute (The)

Dreams have a long history of being regarded as divine messages in almost every religious tradition. At the Haden Institute we use the foundational psychological concepts of Carl Jung to teach that dreams can hold the key to greater health and wholeness. The Dream Work Training teaches that working with our dreams opens a communication channel …
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