Master of Divinity

Duke Divinity School (Duke University)

Program Overview Curriculum The curriculum for our flagship degree program is designed to give students a solid foundation for wherever their calling takes them—be that ordination, lay ministry, nonprofit work, or a career in teaching. Our classes cover Old and New Testament, Church history, Christian theology, world Christianity, ministry, worship, preaching, Biblical languages, the Black …
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Master of Theological Studies

Duke Divinity School (Duke University)

Program Overview Curriculum The M.T.S. program features a two-year curriculum that covers foundational areas of history, theology, and Scripture with the flexibility to pursue electives in one’s area of interest. Students also complete a thesis under faculty direction during their final year. The M.T.S Core curriculum requires the completion of 7 core courses and is appropriate …
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Master of Arts in Christian Practice

Duke Divinity School (Duke University)

Keep your job, build community, discern your future vocation, deepen your spiritual practices, and earn a Duke master’s degree Why This Program? The Master of Arts in Christian Practice (M.A.) degree is designed for students to engage in disciplined theological reflection to enrich their Christian service in the church and world. The degree, which combines …
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Anglican/Episcopal Studies Track for a Concentration in Anglican/Episcopal Studies

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Description Pittsburgh Seminary is an approved seminary for the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh and seeks to partner with other dioceses. The Anglican/Episcopal Studies Track is open to PTS students pursuing a Master of Divinity or Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, who desire a deeper knowledge in specific fields such as church history, doctrine, liturgy, …
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Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

The Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies provides students with a general introduction to theological inquiry. Students take four required courses—church history, theology, Bible, and an elective. This certificate is a great foray into deepening one’s understanding of biblical, theological, and historical concepts relevant to the church. Completing the Certificate in Theological Studies Taking two classes …
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Master of Divinity

Montreal Diocesan Theological College

Our M.Div. prepares you for ministry by combining rigorous academic learning, ecumenical theological reflection, and engagement with diverse ministry contexts. The Master of Divinity degree is widely accepted as preparation for ordination in the Anglican Church of Canada and many other churches. At Montreal Dio, our M.Div. students are co-enrolled in McGill University where they …
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Master of Arts (Theology and Religious Studies)

Atlantic School Of Theology

This program brings together two complementary programs: Theology (AST) and Religious Studies (Saint Mary’s University). Graduate students will experience a diverse and rich field of expertise in the study of theology and religion. Students have a unique opportunity to explore and articulate the relationship between Theology and Religious Studies, especially as the fields have evolved …
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Master of Divinity Summer Distance

Atlantic School Of Theology

Atlantic School of Theology is a leader in distributed theological education, and you can choose to pursue the Master of Divinity degree in a five-year “in ministry” format.  This course of study will bring you to the AST campus for six weeks every summer for five years to complete the majority of your course work …
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Licentiate in Theology (LTH) Diploma

Huron University College

Deepen your knowledge of faith with each course your complete in this pre-degree diploma program. Courses in the LTh program are also available individually to lay people and clergy, outside the LTh stream. By entering into agreements with other theological educational institutions, Huron has ensured that students across Canada, and across denominational traditions, will have a full range of …
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Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

Canadian Mennonite University

Admission Requirements A baccalaureate degree from a recognized university or college with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (‘B’). For full admission requirements, see the Admissions Requirements and Deadlines page. Residency Requirement 30 credit hours Curriculum Requirements A minimum of 60 credit hours in the following areas Bible – 12 credit hours (minimum 3 ch of Old …
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