Shine Like Stars—The Lost Art of Christian Witness

Regent College

Description: This live course is available asynchronously for registered students who are working during the live sessions or in a timezone that prevents them from participating in the live sessions. For more information see the Summer FAQ here. How do we speak of Jesus in an increasingly secularised, apathetic or openly hostile cultural context? How do we …
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Beginning Biblical Hebrew – Online

Atlantic School Of Theology

Instructor: Daniel Driver For students who wish to read, hear and even (to an extent) produce Hebrew, this course offers textually immersive introduction to classical Hebrew. Grammatical features like morphology, phonology, and syntax are learned inductively, through a cycle of illustrated readings drawn from Genesis. Techniques of second-language acquisition are also used to help develop …
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5-Day Directed Retreat

Ignatius Jesuit Centre

The 5-Day Directed Retreat provides you with individual direction in an environment of silence and prayer. A spiritual director meets with you each day, listens as you share your prayer experiences, helps you reflect on them and discover the path God is revealing to you. This facilitates a deepening of your relationships with God. These …
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Jews, Christians and Christian-Jews: An Introduction to Judaism for Christians – Online

Wycliffe College

Summary:   The course explores Judaism in terms of the intersection of Jewish and Christian faith. This course will explore Jewish origins of the Christian movement, its modern counterpart in the Modern Messianic Jewish Movement, and the context out of which both movements emerged.   The course will examine the origins of rabbinic Judaism and how …
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The Prophetic Imagination in Popular Culture

Regent College

Description: Explore popular literature, music, television, and film that grapple with theological questions. Much of the popular art that we will focus on could be called “prophetic” in the way that it critiques the seductive, false notions of “the good life” that are often leading us away from the gospel itself. Although most of the …
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