Wild Christ, Wild Earth, Wild Self: A Nature Based Introduction to Seminary of the Wild

Ghost Ranch Conference Center

Wild Christ, Wild Earth, Wild Self.  An introduction to Seminary of the Wild Guest Speaker: TBA Remember your deep belonging to the enchanted world by reconnecting with your senses, body, emotions, imagination, and Earth as sacred kin. Deconstruct the distortions of domestication and indoctrination that have limited your personal and the church’s collective experience of …
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Associates’ Retreat

Holy Cross Monastery

Led By: Br. Josép Reinaldo Martínez-Cubero, OHC Join Br. Josép, the Monastic Community, and other Monastery Associates for a time of retreat and reflection on Christian and monastic spirituality. This retreat is perfect for Associates wanting to get to know one another and the Monastic Community more deeply and also for anyone considering becoming an …
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The Power of the Enneagram

Kanuga Conferences, Inc.

A Kanuga conference presented by the Institute for Conscious Being About the Conference With so much unrest in the world, it’s natural to feel unsettled by the growing divide in our families and communities. However, there’s a pathway back to love and peace that resides inside us all. Join psychologist Dr. Joseph Howell, author of …
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Contemplation with Art, Poetry and Music

Episcopal House of Prayer (The)

As a seasoned spiritual director and Ignatian retreat leader, Susan is well aware of the importance of opening our hearts and creative capacities as part of our spiritual practice. An avid fan of the arts herself, Susan is well-suited to help us grow our spiritual practice through the creative arts. While on retreat, we will …
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The Georgia O’Keeffe Immersion: Writing and Reflection in O’Keeffe’s Footsteps

Ghost Ranch Conference Center

Spend a few days immersed in the environment that inspired Georgia O’Keeffe: walk the land she loved and painted, reflect upon the quiet beauty and record your observations in a series of writing exercises. This class is held in a restricted area of the ranch, in sight of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch home, Rancho de …
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