Poetic Meditations on the Teachings of Jesus

Regent College

Course Description Note: This course has replaced SPIR 510: Seasons of Renewal This course will focus on the sayings of Jesus as recorded in all four Gospels – both the attractive (consider the lilies) and the challenging (sell all you own). Students will approach these sayings through the lenses of both scholarship and poetry, including …
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Sacred Geometry, Part Two

Holy Cross Monastery

Led By: Christine Hales Sacred geometry is at the heart of every good Iconographic composition. In this workshop you will learn some simple and also not so simple geometric concepts to ensure that your Icons have dynamic symmetry and divine harmony. This class has additional exercises for those who have taken it before, and is …
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Revelations of 12 Master Artists

Spirituality & Practice

Led by Roger Housden How do an artist’s paintings speak to our perceptions of self, beauty, vision, and meaning? This question has fascinated Roger Housden for years, and was the catalyst for his book How Rembrandt Reveals Your Beautiful Imperfect Self. Many of you know Roger from five popular Spirituality & Practice e-courses on poetry. …
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5 Weeks of Summer (Week 4)

Sorrento Centre

A mosaic workshop for the Sorrento Centre with Marina Papais and Daniel Collett A mosaic is “a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass.” Great beauty comes from individual diversity. In this workshop participants will work with Marina Papais and Daniel Collett to …
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Visual Storytelling: The Transformative Art of Altered Book-Making

Pendle Hill

Led by Jesse White Learn how to recreate an existing book into your own interactive work of art. Altered book-making is a powerful way to process a life change, or to honor an important memory or vision. Journey through a creative and spiritual process of introspection and self-expression. Use paint or fancy papers. Build windows, …
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