Seeing and Believing: The Visual Arts in Christian Life and Ministry

Virginia Theological Seminary

“When Christians lost the power of art, they impoverished the church, they impoverished worship, and they lost one of the most powerful means of calling souls to God.” -Dana Gioia While the visual arts have served as a powerful resource for the church in past centuries, today they are often overlooked. In this course we …
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Celtic Spirituality and English Mysticism

Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership (CALL)

This course will cover the history of Christian Spirituality in the British Isles prior to the Protestant Reformation, including Celtic Spirituality, Romano-British Christianity, Anglo-Saxon spirituality, and medieval English mysticism. Students will practice and reflect upon the spiritual disciplines described and prescribed in primary texts (The Cloud of Unknowing, Walter Hilton’s Scale of Perfection, Julian of …
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Church History: Wisdom of Mission Today

Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership (CALL)

This course will explore the history of Christianity by focusing on snapshots of it in different times and places, by attending to its diversity over time, by encountering contrasting historical figures in its history, by asking what “salvation” meant and what “mission” consisted of in each of these times and places, and by pondering how …
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Introduction to Liturgical Leadership

Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership (CALL)

This course will examine the liturgical principles underlying the planning process for Episcopal Church worship, with specific emphasis on the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. This course will offer students a foundation for planning and leading worship services in the Episcopal Church. We will look at issues which influence the planning of any given service, …
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Writing as a Spiritual Practice

Virginia Theological Seminary

What would it be like to write just for you and God? Deepen your awareness of the holy in everyday life, and explore new ways that writing can enhance the life of the spirit. Through weekly prompts, workshops, and invitations to write both in and outside of class, participants will be invited to explore ways …
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Preaching & Eschatology

Vancouver School Of Theology

Code: HOM/TH6/703 Dates: January 18, 2021 – April 9, 2021 on Thursdays Time: 6:00 pm for 3 Hours In modernity, talk of heaven or hell or the afterlife has hung around theology like an embarrassing elder relative—they have every right to be in the house, but no one wants to talk about them. Yet one …
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A Secular Age

Vancouver School Of Theology

Code: TH6/781 Dates: January 18, 2021 – April 9, 2021 on Tuesdays Time: 9:00 am for 3 Hours This seminar takes the form of reading and discussing Charles Taylor’s Templeton Prize Winning book, A Secular Age, as well as significant reviews/review essays and responses to it.  The book chronicles the rise of Western secularity, signal …
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The Holy Spirit–Online

Atlantic School Of Theology

Instructor: David Deane Dates: January 13th – April 12th, 2021 Fee: $250.00 (Continuing Education participants) Format: TBD This course will offer an engagement with the Christian Theology of the Holy Spirit drawing on (i) biblical, (ii) traditional, and (iii) contemporary, perspectives. Our goal is to acquire habits and methods that can inform our thinking, preaching, …
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Theology for a Global Church

Montreal Diocesan Theological College

In the 21st century, Christianity is a truly global religion. Christians are found across the world in countless cultures and contexts. This course explores the implications of this global reality for the practice of Christian ministry. Students will read a variety of theologians from non-western contexts to come to a greater understanding of the shape …
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