Pastoral and Public Studio for Strategic Leadership

Vancouver School Of Theology

Code: PT651 Dates: September 14, 2020, September 28, 2020, October 5, 2020, October 22, 2020, October 23, 2020, October 24, 2020, November 9, 2020, and November 23, 2020 Time: 2 – 5pm Theologically trained professionals serving congregational or social ministries, agencies, organizations and other institutions are continually presented with a changing context and the need …
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The Changing Role of Congregational Leadership – Online

Diocese Of Montreal (The)

MEETS ONLINE, Tuesday afternoons, 12:45pm to 2:45pm   September 8 to December 1, 2020               The basic functions of congregational leadership – leading worship, preaching, pastoral care, administration – remain similar in spite of different denominational practices and circumstances. However, changing times and the pandemic crisis are stretching the …
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Christian Education and Formation – Online

Diocese Of Montreal (The)

MEETS ONLINE, Wednesday mornings, 8:45am to 10:45am   September 9 to December 2, 2020 Our concern as leaders and pastors is to engage our faith communities in ongoing spiritual formation that will bring new life and purpose out of the traditions and teachings of Christianity. Participants in this course will strengthen their skills in group …
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Rural Ministry – Online

Atlantic School Of Theology

Continuing Education Offering About this Event Rural Ministry Instructor: Linda Yates Dates: September 9th – December 9th, 2020 Fee: $250.00 (Continuing Education participants) Format: Online Rural Ministry can be intensely spiritually rewarding even as it is challenging. Increasingly, worship and program delivery take place in multi-point collections of congregations spread out over every larger areas. …
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