Colossians & Philemon

Regent College

The letters to the Colossians and to Philemon are two of the Apostle Paul’s so-called Prison Epistles. It is commonly believed that they were written in the early 60s of the Christian era to believers in the city of Colossae in the southern region of the Roman province of Asia (current western Turkey). In the …
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Old Testament Foundations

Regent College

This course aims to present an overview of the background and contents of the books that make up the Old Testament, and to offer some reflection on the question of how they are best read together as part of the Christian canon of Scripture, and how they should shape both the Christian life and the …
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Book of Isaiah

Regent College

Known as the (fifth) evangelist to Christians and the prophet of consolation to Jews, Isaiah has occupied a place of prominence for the two and a half millennia since it was written. The four Gospels, Paul, Acts, and Revelation quote it more than any other book, and it is among the most quoted Old Testament …
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Perspectives on Biblical Languages

Regent College

This course offers an overview of Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Greek, with an emphasis on why knowledge of the original languages has been vital throughout Christian history and why this knowledge plays a significant role today. Assuming no prior study of either language, you will learn some of the basic features of Greek …
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Biblical Hermeneutics and Criticism

Regent College

Modernity and postmodernity have posed various challenges to the Christian Church, and one of these has been the burgeoning of new critical methods and perspectives with respect to biblical interpretation. This course aims to examine the assumptions, history, and variety of these methods; to probe the coherence and value of their perspectives; to trace the …
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New Testament Seminar: Reverberations of Scripture in the Gospels

Regent College

Reverberations of Scripture in the Gospels is an advanced New Testament seminar designed to heighten understanding of how the gospel writers were shaped by their interaction with the Scriptures of Israel. Topics include consideration of various forms of appropriation employed by the gospel writers and Jesus himself, forms such as quotations, allusions, echoes, the use …
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Huron University College

In this course, we will begin by exploring the gradual alienation of Jews and Christians from each other, and how that antagonism has slowly been reversed over the last century. We will explore specific sections of the Gospels where sensitivity to Jesus’ Jewish identity (and Semitic words) enables us to appreciate him in his humanity, …

Sustained by the Story: Biblical Telling for Times Like These (Online Festival)

Network of Biblical Storytellers Canada

Do we have a festival for you! We are thrilled to present to you ….drum roll please…….our 2024 online festival of biblical telling: Sustained by the Story: Biblical Telling for Times Like These. Mark the dates:   Feb 2-4, 2024 This year, we are asking: Why is it so important to have a Story – a sacred Story – …
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