Introduction to the Bible Lands

St. George's College Jerusalem

During the course our academic staff and chaplain will enable you to: Explore the Holy Land as Christian pilgrims Visit key biblical sites from the Old and New Testaments Understand better the historical contexts and cultures in which Biblical stories took place. To integrate contextual biblical study with theological and spiritual reflection To encounter the …
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Online Festival of Biblical Telling 2023: “Biblical Telling: A New Way Home”

Network of Biblical Storytellers Canada

The NBSC Vision Team is beyond excited to present to you the plans for our – now February – annual conference. Our 2 ½-day event holds the promise of four exciting keynote addresses by Dr Randy Richards, worship and song, workshops for all levels on a variety of topics, a story theatre by seasoned tellers, …
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The Pentateuch

Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership (CALL)

The Pentateuch is a survey course in which students examine the first five books of the canon of the Hebrew Bible. Students will attend to the patriarchs and matriarchs, the earliest covenants, the exodus traditions, laws, codes, and rituals of the agrarian society represented in the biblical world of the Pentateuch. Students will explore a) …
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Praying the Old Testament

Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership (CALL)

What is particular and peculiar about the Bible in Anglicanism?  What do Anglican bring to their reading, study, and interpretation of the Bible?  How does the Bible affect the way Anglicans live out their faith through worship, study, and many forms of ministry and service?  In answering these questions this course studies how the Bible …
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The God of the Gospel: Systematic Theology I

Wycliffe College

This course provides an in-depth exploration of two central Christian doctrines – the Trinity and the person of Christ – as well as reflection on the role of Holy Scripture and the nature of theology. This is the first part of a two-part sequence in basic Christian doctrine. 1 credit.

Easter In Jerusalem

St. George's College Jerusalem

pend Holy Week and Easter (Western tradition) with us in 2023. The pilgrimage will be tailored to follow the events of the season and will enable the group to participate in church services to mark the days. The pilgrimage will reflect on Orthodox traditions for Easter too. There will be a three-day (two night) excursion …
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The Prophets

Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership (CALL)

This course is a survey course of prophets in Ancient Israel and the texts of the prophets of the Hebrew Bible. Studying the language of the prophetic corpus, we will explore the historical, social, and political contexts of the writings and their meanings for the intended audience and readers today. By the end of the …
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The Sensual Gospel of John: Experiencing the Fourth Gospel through the Five Senses

Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership (CALL)

“The Word made flesh,” according to William Temple, is the most important phrase in all of Christianity because it affirms flesh as the vehicle and instrument for spirit. Although some scholars have described Jesus in John’s Gospel as a detached “god who seems to glide over the face of the earth,” a closer look reveals how much John’s Jesus takes great delight …
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Women of the Bible

St. George's College Jerusalem

The Women of the Bible course is a ten day study pilgrimage which offers a reflective spiritual experience visiting the holy sites relating to both the Old and New Testaments highlighting especially the stories of women. Particular course itineraries vary, but typically many of the following places would feature in the schedule. Ein Kerem, the village where …
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