Isaiah-Hebrew Exegesis and Method

Wycliffe College

WYB5204H Summary:   This course will combine close textual and exegetical analysis of the Hebrew Bible (Isaiah) with attention to methodology. These chapters of Isaiah are selected as they model well the transition from early literary-critical to form and redaction-critical exegesis, and newer canonical approaches. The time will be devoted to close reading of the …
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Accessing Hebrew and Greek Text without Knowing the Languages

Wycliffe College

WYB1101H Summary: This course will provide students with knowledge of, access to, and practice at using original language tools and resources that come in both hardcopy and electronic forms. Students will start by learning the Greek and Hebrew alphabets, including the convention of identifying Hebrew vowels. The course will follow with instruction on the meaning …
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Intermediate Hellenistic Greek I: Readings in the Gospels and Paul

Wycliffe College

WYB2521H Summary: This course provides practice in reading and exegesis of the New Testament in Greek. It follows upon Elementary New Testament Greek (or one year of Greek) and presumes a basic knowledge of Greek. The aim is to increase the student’s proficiency in Greek through regular translation and analysis of the New Testament texts, …
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Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

Wycliffe College

WYB1012Y Summary:   The goal of the course is to equip both students training for designated ministry and those students who wish to continue in advanced degree studies with a working knowledge of biblical Hebrew, as well as for subsequent study in syntax and exegesis. The course itself takes the full academic year (Fall and …
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Regent College Full Course Catalogue

Regent College

Al of their courses should be visible in this online catalogue, from all of their different educational streams.