Benedictine Spirituality – E-course

Spirituality & Practice

Does the 1500-year-old Rule of Benedict of Nursia have anything to say to the modern world? Yes, for sure it does — in fact, sometimes it seems like it has never been more relevant. In this one-month e-course, Joan Chittister offers 12 brief audio teachings on aspects of Benedictine spirituality with accompanying written reflections to …
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Theology for Non-Theologians

Vancouver School Of Theology

On this weekend, students will be introduced to central topics of ongoing discussion within the Christian church. Topics addressed include the Bible and imagination, Trinity and community, what does it mean to be human? Jesus and justice, and the church and the Holy Spirit. By taking this course students will become more fluent in central …
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New Eyes for Reading the Old Testament

Vancouver School Of Theology

New Eyes for Reading the Old Testament The Old Testament: Boring? Irrelevant? Beautiful? Intriguing? This introductory lecture and workshop will help participants understand the insights and beauty found in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Background information and resources will allow a hands-on learning experience using a variety of Hebrew Bible passages so that we can hear …
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Engaging Ministry: Practices of Prayer, Worship, and Community

The Beecken Center of The School of Theology

Engaging Ministry: Practices of Prayer, Worship, and Community An educational-experiential series for clergy and laypeople. This two-part series consists of: The Heart of Ministry: Deepening Practice, Deepening Community (Jan. 30-31), Entering the Mystery: Planning Non-Traditional Worship (Jan 31-Feb 1)  According to the Episcopal Church’s Fast FACTs Trends (2007-2011) and Congregations Overview (2014), parishes that are …
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Calvin Symposium on Worship

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

The annual Calvin Symposium on Worship is a three-day conference sponsored by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and the Center for Excellence in Preaching held on the campus of Calvin University and Calvin Theological Seminary. The conference brings together a wide audience of artists, musicians, pastors, scholars, students, worship leaders and planners, and other …
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