Spiritual Direction

Spirituality & Practice

Thank you for your interest in Spiritual Direction. Spirituality & Practice (S&P) has partnered with Stillpoint, a leading spiritual direction training organization, to help you find an equipped and well-qualified spiritual director. Click here to read more about Stillpoint. Spirituality & Practice is devoted to providing resources for your spiritual journey. These take the form …
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DREAM WORK–5-sessions over 5 months online

Haden Institute (The)

My dreams in these pandemic days have caught my attention.  Sharing my dreams with a compassionate community may lead to deeper insights, health and wholeness. Soul Healing Gaining insights from others Strength for the journey Relaxing with others who understand   All groups’ first meetings will be held Tuesday, 19 January at 7:00 PM ET. From there, each …
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Group Spiritual Direction–5-sessions over 5 months online

Haden Institute (The)

My heart, my soul wants to grow. There is a yearning to which I want to give voice.  An understanding and supportive group maybe the place to start. Soulwork in Group Spiritual Direction What Path gives me Life? Listening to our yearnings together  Safely explore my spirituality with others Ways of setting up and leading your own groups …
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The Anglican Bible: Scriptural Conversation and Formation

Church Divinity School Of The Pacific (The)

This course studies the ways the Bible has impacted Anglicanism as well as how the Bible has been interpreted and shaped by Anglicans from the English Reformation to the present day. It presupposes that a dialogue between community and text occurs in all scriptural communities of faith. Both the Bible and the church are powerful …
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Changing Church: Mission, Leadership, & Beloved Community

Church Divinity School Of The Pacific (The)

What does it mean to lead during a time of religious, sociocultural, and environmental upheaval? What can churches do differently to better reflect and nurture gospel values and God’s dream of a just, reconciled, Spirit-filled world? This course in missional leadership will ask these and related questions. We will explore concepts and experience practices of …
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The Diaconal Hermeneutic: The Deacon’s Eyes and Ears

Church Divinity School Of The Pacific (The)

As we live into the fourth wave of the current renewal of the Sacred Order of Deacons in The Episcopal Church, we are gaining greater clarity about the distinctive nature of the “full and equal order,” and we are increasingly able and willing to invite the gift of prophetic servant leadership. At the heart of …
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Introduction to Pastoral Care

Church Divinity School Of The Pacific (The)

Illness is a crisis that isolates us, scares us and makes us very vulnerable. How can we care for one another in Christian community when illness strikes? In this course we’ll share experiences of care (or lack of care) during sickness. We will discuss a pastoral caregiver’s role in direct care and in coaching congregational …
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Practical Preaching in the Digital Age

Church Divinity School Of The Pacific (The)

This course is about how to rethink the basics of reflecting the Gospel into others’ lives. Students will gain practical skills – and a specific method – to build sermons that work from both the pulpit and the smartphone. They will also be led through the ways that Digital Ministry has impacted traditional liturgy, and …
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Theology of the Cross

Church Divinity School Of The Pacific (The)

This course examines the complex phenomenon of the cross in Christian theological language, particularly around issues of salvation, justice, and discipleship. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will construct a theological proposal that answers: Is the Cross Redeemable? That is, does one need the cross for a succinct and sufficient theological language? Is …
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