Making Disciples: the Catechumenate in the Anglican Church of Canada (Resources)

Liturgical Rites and Formation Resources for Adult seekers coming to Baptism in the Christian Faith

The following liturgical rites have been developed from John Hill’s initial work in Making Disciples, by the Catechumenate Network of the Dioceses of Toronto, Niagara and Huron. They are offered here by the Liturgy Working Group of Faith, Worship and Ministry for the purposes of study and evaluation and, where permitted by the local ordinary, use or adaptation. We request your feedback on the rites. They have not been authorized by the General Synod or the Council of General Synod. Nevertheless, the Liturgy Working Group wishes to make these, and any other resources relating to the catechumenate, available in order to stimulate reflection on processes of adult initiation, and the rites related to them.

Theological Resources and Explanations of the Catechumenal Process and Rites.

Resources for the Catechumenate Process: A Bibliography

A bibliography prepared by “CatNet” – the Network for the Catechumenate in the Dioceses of Huron, Niagara and Toronto.

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We ask for your feedback on these pages, and especially for any suggestions you may have for additional resources. (PDF file)

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The Anglican Church of Canada,What’s new and updated: March 23, 2008

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