Liturgies for trauma-sensitive congregations

With the widespread experience of trauma today, it is estimated that in a congregation of 100 people, 60 of them will have experienced some form of trauma, and 8-10 of them will understand first hand what it’s like to live with the realities of post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Anglican Foundation of Canada responded generously when St. Hildegard’s Sanctuary, an inclusive, arts-based, contemplative Christian community within the Parish of St. Faith’s Anglican Church in Vancouver, requested a grant to produce liturgical resources for trauma-sensitive congregations. The first results of that project are now available in time for the season of Advent.

A sample of All Are Welcome: Liturgical Resources for Trauma-Sensitive Congregations is available through the St. Hildegard’s website under Resources: For the full liturgical resource, please contact [email protected]. Permission for duplication of the material has been granted by the author. Prior to the use of any of the resources, please obtain permission from your local church authority governing liturgical resources.


Anglican Church of Canada, Info! News from General Synod, November 01, 2018

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