Julie Burn: Continuing Education Testimonial – Leadership and Management in Non-Profits at Wycliffe College



I am responding to the request to provide a testimonial about the course I took in the summer.
I found the course – Leadership and Management in Non-Profits at Wycliffe College – to be invaluable. In particular, the conversations around the characteristics of effective teams, leading teams and volunteers, the importance of working through conflict are very relevant to my day to day work. I also appreciated being in a group of motivated students from the not-for-profit sector, TST students and others in full-time ministry. I learned so much just listening to them. The course is taught with an understanding of different learning style – so we didn’t just sit and write down what the instructors lectured at us. In addition, the required reading for the course has been thought provoking. I would recommend this course serving in ministry today.
Julie Burn
 E-mail:  August 19, 2015

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