Jean Vanier – 1928-2019 – His final message to his friends

Jean Vanier - photo by Warren Pot
Jean Vanier died peacefully on Tuesday, May 7, surrounded by members of his family. He was 90 years old. His death is a great loss to his family, to the members of L’Arche and Faith and Light around the world. His funeral will be held in Paris on May 16 and broadcast live on Daily Thoughts will focus on recent writings from the founder of L’Arche for the upcoming days.
The final message from Jean Vanier to his friends, May 2019

“I am deeply peaceful and trustful. I’m not sure what the future will be but God is good and whatever happens it will be the best. I am happy and give thanks for everything. My deepest love to each one of you.”


L’Arche Canada, May 08, 2019

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