Wycliffe Wellness Project (The)

Wycliffe College
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Phone: 416-946-3535 Ext 2557
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A tool for flourishing in ministry

The Wycliffe Wellness Project aims to assist those—of all denominations—who engage in Christian ministry to gain a deeper understanding of their job-related stresses, and of the things they need to flourish—both personally and in ministry. A long-term study and assessment tool, the Project is about better understanding the ups and downs of ministry life. Initiated by Wycliffe Professor of Pastoral Psychology, Wanda Malcolm, the Project launched in June 2014.

Participants complete several online questionnaires, and the Project team summarizes their data in the form of a feedback report. Then Project team members follow-up with participants for an hour-long conversation—either in person or via Skype—helping participants understand their report and its implications for their lives and ministry.

The Project is seeking people who are currently active in a church or community-based ministry setting, including those who are chaplains serving in schools, prisons, hospitals, or the military. Anybody who defines themselves as being engaged in ministry, whether full or part-time, paid or unpaid is welcome to participate. For more information watch the video below, read our Q & A with Wanda Malcolm, and visit the Wycliffe Wellness Project.


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