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World Association for Christian Communication:

What is WACC?

The origins of WACC date back to 1950 when Christian communicators from Europe and North America were seeking guidelines for the future of religious broadcasting. Several organisations shared the same concerns and they eventually established WACC in 1968. Rapid developments in mass media world-wide and a concern to integrate the work of the Agency for Christian Literature Development of the World Council of Churches led to a merger in 1975, that created the present WACC.

WACC works for human dignity, justice and peace. It sees genuine communication as the basis of understanding and co-operation between peoples of different faiths and cultures. It promotes freedom of expression and information and the democratisation of communication.

WACC is genuinely ecumenical in its membership and communication activities. It encourages co-operation between Protestant, Orthodox and Roman Catholic communicators and challenges denominations to see the broadest possible base for their communication activities. WACC also promotes co-operation between people of other faiths and ideologies.




Regional Development

Global Studies Program

Women’s Program

The Training Assistance Program (TAP)


Newsletter: Action (Six issues per year)

Media & Gender Monitor

Media Development (four issues per year)

Occasionally WACC publishes books and other materials of interest to members

Funding Grants:

Scholarships: To study communication and leadership skills at different levels

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