Word and World

P.O. Box 1623
Greensboro, NC 27402-1623
Phone: (336) 230-0330

Word and World

A People’s School


Word & World is a school, a celebration, a movement. Through week-long gatherings, each rooted in a different city, this “moveable institute” seeks to provide education, training, and capacity-building for Christian disciples dedicated to the work of social transformation.

Our Focus:

Social analysis

Bible study


Poetry and song

Community building

Public witness

Movement History

Word and World is ecumenical, inclusive, and grounded in popular pedagogy.

To overcome the isolation of disciples working for social change, Word and World draws activists from a variety of movements. Seasoned war resisters break bread with veteran Civil Rights leaders. Young feminists trade stories with church renewal workers. Theologians sit together with homeless rights advocates.

Each school takes place in the context of a theme and a locale. Rooted in local stories of faithfulness and courage, Word and World seeks to celebrate and nourish faith-based movements of service, solidarity, justice, and peace.

As we seek to bridge the gulfs between “seminary, sanctuary, and the streets,” we pray to renew the church as a movement of struggle and to renew the movement of struggle as church.


Other Events

Internship Program


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