Woodstock Theological Center

Georgetown University PO Box 571137
Washington DC 20057-1137
Phone: (202) 687-3532
Fax: (202) 687-5832

Woodstock Theological Center/Georgetown University:

The Woodstock Theological Center is an independent non-profit institute established by the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) at Georgetown University in 1974.


The mission of the Woodstock Theological Center is to engage in theological and ethical reflection on topics of social, economic, business, scientific, cultural, religious, and political importance.

The Center does research, conducts conferences and seminars, and publishes books and articles.

Drawing on the Roman Catholic tradition, the Woodstock Center is ecumenically open, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative with, among others, the business community, government, religious groups, universities, other research centers, and the media.

The Woodstock Center aims to be attentive to Scripture’s concern for the poor and the powerless. Its work is a particular instance of the contemporary mission of the Society of Jesus: the service of faith through the promotion of justice. The Center is financed by individual donations, foundation grants, and contributions from the Society of Jesus.


Church Leadership

Lobbying in a Democratic Society

Forgiveness in Conflict Resolution

Global Economy and Cultures

Interior Castles and Godly Kingdoms

Interreligious Dialogue on Education

Preaching the Just Word

Public Programs

Theological Reflection

Woodstock Business Program

Woodstock International Visiting Fellows Program

Woodstock Theological Center Library

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