Wisdom Centre

St. Laurence Anglican Church, 5940 Lakeview Dr. SW
CalgaryABT3E 5S8
Phone: (403) 249-6184


Open yourself to the Wisdom Way.
Open your imagination to the
power of spiritual practice.

Launched in 2006 by the Anglican Parish of St. Laurence in Calgary, Alberta, the Wisdom Centre was – and continues to be – inspired by the realization that traditional religion often does not meet people’s spiritual needs. Since its inception the Wisdom Centre has cast a wide net and welcomes all that embrace a path to the divine through spiritual practice.

The Wisdom Centre welcomes you to a vibrant community where you will find events and resources that enlighten and empower. With people like you, we are creating a network that is seeking to renew and rediscover what the individual and faith community can mean for collective spiritual life in the 21st century.


About Us

“The Wisdom Centre is the finest example of progressive ecumenical Christianity.” — Wayne

The Wisdom Centre inspires individuals and faith leaders to be catalysts in the renewal of spiritual practice. Our vision is based, in part, on what recent research describes as the “Practicing Congregation”, mainstream parishes revitalized through worship, spirituality, and the intentional formation of a way of life.

The Wisdom Centre supports the “reclaiming of our ancient traditions” in new and innovative ways.






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