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Wilfrid Laurier University

Faculty of Arts – Religion and Culture

The study of religion at Laurier involves the investigation and analysis of the roles of religion in society and culture as well as in the lives of individuals. This includes textual traditions (as well as ancient languages), art and artifacts, oral traditions, rituals, psychological factors, social movements, and religious personalities from different geographical areas and historical periods, both ancient and modern.

Survey courses explore specific religious traditions such as Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism in their cultural contexts, and specific topics, such as the nature of religious experience and ritual. Advanced undergraduate and graduate seminars examine theoretical frameworks and methodologies, and allow students to do field work.

The Department of Religion and Culture emphasizes the interrelationship of research and teaching, and the ability to communicate clearly, logically and creatively. Small classes allow for close interaction between students and professors, and this dialogue extends outside the classroom.

Graduates of the program have entered into diverse fields such as teaching, management, the ministry, social work, counseling, archaeology and historical research. Others have chosen to pursue their interests further through extended graduate studies.

The Department offers undergraduate students the option to minor or major in Religion and Culture, as part of a 3-year (general) or 4-year (honours) B.A. It also offers a well-funded M.A. program, which students normally complete in three terms (e.g., September-December, January-April, May-August) after a 4-year honours B.A. in Religious Studies or a cognate field. The department also introduced their first PhD class in September 2004.

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