Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing

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Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing

What is the Westberg Institute?

What is the Westberg Institute (formerly the IPNRC)?
…the heart of the faith community nursing movement,
Acting locally, inspiring globally

The Westberg Institute is a ministry of the Church Health Center. As a leader in faith community nurse education, consultation, and research, serving faith community nurses (FCN) and health ministry programs worldwide. Its mission is to promote the development of high quality outcomes-based FCN practice as part of an overall health ministry program.

The Westberg Institute sponsors various activities as an extension of that mission including:

  • The annual Westberg Symposium – a professional meeting for faith community nurses and others interested in the specialty. It began in 1986 and honors the Rev. Dr. Granger Westberg, the founder of the current parish nurse movement. Attendees from both the United States and many other countries worldwide gather for inspiration, fellowship, continuing education, spiritual renewal, research updates and practice ideas. As the largest gathering of faith community nurses in the world, the Westberg Symposium offers a wide variety of education and networking opportunities.
  • Educational Curricula – Various courses developed by FCN practice experts and coordinated by the Westberg Institute are taught internationally by educational partners through hospitals, organizations, and networks.
    1. Foundations of Faith Community Nursing is a 34-38 hour course focusing on the entry-level knowledge necessary for FCN practice. It sections include spirituality, professionalism, wholistic health, and community. This course fulfills the educational requirement for Board certification in faith community nursing from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). To find a course in your area click here. To receive the FCN monthly newsletter, click here.
    2. FCN Coordinator Course – curriculum for FCNs in leadership and management positions for organizations and networks managing FCNs in various practice areas. Leadership, funding, communications and documentation are but a few of the included topics. Click here for coordinator course information. Click here to join the coordinators network.
    3. Manager Prep Course – provides instruction by the IPNRC staff on how to teach the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing course as an educational partners. Modified curriculum is available to international partners to fulfill the needs and customs of healthcare practices in various countries. For course information click here. To join the educators network, click here.
    4. Supplemental topics are available periodically for retreats and continuing education.
  • Education and consultation – Westberg Institue staff provide one-to-one, group, and organizational consultation, mentoring, assistance with planning and continuing education for various aspects of faith community nurse health ministry including a yearly educators and coordinators retreat and local network meetings and continuing education opportunities. Click here to visit the regional events link. Click here to send an inquiry to the office.
  • Resource development – materials are created and published to support the development of FCN practice using outcomes-based best practices. Click here to visit the store
  • Research – The Westberg Institute research staff conduct, promote and encourage research to advance the practice of FCN health ministry worldwide. Click here to join the Westberg Institute research network
  • FCN Platform – A new Westberg Institute advanced network platform provides online communications access to individuals, groups, and others involved in FCN health ministry to share information, fellowship, and resources. Click here for more information.
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