Wesley Ministry Network

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Wesley Ministry Network

Our Purpose

The Wesley Ministry Network is a new experiment in theological education. The purpose of the Network is to strengthen the ministries of the local church and to enable Wesley Theological Seminary to become a church-centered seminary. Churches thrive when they are connected to a strong seminary, and seminaries are strong when they are affiliated with vital congregations.

The Wesley Ministry Network works to build the church through a variety of activities. Our current focus is on meeting the need for high-quality adult educational materials that make accessible to laypeople the broad mainstream of Christian theology. It is our vision to be a leading resource for the education of the whole church in the whole world. To this end, we are striving to bring the teaching of the world’s best theologians to your local church.

Wesley Ministry Network materials are used in churches in a wide range of denominations across the United States and in several other countries around the world. Beginning in May 2006, our educational materials will be available from Cokesbury, both by catalog and in Cokesbury bookstores nationally.

Courses designed by experts for laypersons in all denominations:

6-to-10 class sessions of 45-90 minutes led by persons from your church for the people of your church

Video introduction for each class session featuring an outstanding scholar/teacher

Detailed Leader’s Guide with lesson plans, discussion questions, and classroom exercises

Participant’s Guide with readings, reflection and discussion questions, helps and summaries

Course website with supplemental learning and teaching materials


Course Websites

For more information please visit the website.