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Virginia Theological Seminary:

Academic Programs

Degree Programs

Diploma Programs

Certificate of Work Accomplished (Non degree candidates)

Center for the Ministry of Teaching (CMT):

The Center for The Ministry of Teaching (CMT), established in 1984, focuses on supporting and enriching Christian education programs in the Episcopal church.

The Center pursues its mission through a number of avenues. For more information please visit the website.

Center for Anglican Communion Studies:

The history of Virginia Seminary has been one of active involvement in the mission of the Anglican Comnmunion, and today the Center for Anglican Communion Studies serves Anglican leaders and scholars from around the world with the physical, financial and human resources available at the Seminary. At the same time the VTS community benefits in countless ways from the insights and experiences of those who come here.

The Center has three purposes:

To coordinate and nurture scholarly engagement among Anglicans worldwide

To house anglican materials and host Anglican scholars

To devote time, money, and energy towards assisting individuals and groups around the world to reflect creatively upon the historic nature and contemporary possibilities of the Anglican Christian tradition

With these three purposes in mind the Seminary is working towards becoming known as a place of hospitality and support for Inter-Anglican commissions and ecumencial bodies, encouraging meetings of international groups on topics such as “The Nature of Leadership and the Gospel in the Next Millennium.”

Lifetime Theological Education:

The Mission Statement of Virginia Theological Seminary emphasizes “the life of prayer, worship and community, the ministries of preaching, teaching, pastoral care and social justice.” Lifetime theological education at Virginia Seminary seeks to offer education and training for clergy and lay people in Christian faith and life.

Many different courses are offered for lay and ordained people. For more information on the Doctor of Ministry program and the many different courses for lay and ordained people, please visit the website.

For more information please visit the website.